Creative Carpentry

Matt and his team Touchwood provide creative and affordable carpentry solutions within the building and entertainment industry.

Whether you are looking to commission a unique timber framed building; a bespoke tree house or a unique festival set, look no further!

Our team has the passion, skills and artistic flair to work with you and your budget to make your dream project a reality.

We hope you enjoy looking through our site at our very varied projects and commissions that we have delivered to our happy clients.
Thank you

Matt Banks and team.

Timber Buildings

I have been developing my own style of timber frames buildings over the last 20 years.

I create beautiful, but affordable spaces that can really enhance and benefit people’s lives. My timber frame buildings range in size and budget and have been created to house people or to give people additional living space, retreat space or often an alternative work space.

I have a passion for salvage and reclamation and this gets woven into my buildings making each one totally unique. I love to work with a client to deliver their dream wooden building.

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Indoor Carpentry

I love to create beautifully crafted and designed indoor spaces.

This can be from commissioned furniture and creative storage solutions, to complete interior renovations.

I try to incorporate as many unique features into my work using reclaimed materials such as stain glass, port holes and old salvage wood.

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Woodland Structures

I love creating outdoor spaces where the inspiration comes from the location and what can be used and found there.

I like to create bespoke areas that enhance the natural elements of an environment, producing interesting builds that allow a family to experience and play in their outdoor space.
This could be a bespoke treehouse in the bottom of your garden, an adventure play area for you and your kids, tree top walk ways, rustic outdoor entertaining areas or unusual raised garden seating/decking areas.

I like to combine naturally found materials and weave in branches, trees and rocks to create magical creative spaces that can be enjoyed by the client.

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Festival Stages & Set Design

In the last 6 years I have received a large number of commissions both small and large for props, theatre sets and festival stages.

I have loved creating these and working on projects that combine both my carpentry skills, passion for salvage and reclamation with design, sculpture and artistic flair.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the UK’s top production companies and festival organisers.

Clients have included Boomtown Fair, Glastonbury Arts Festival, Arcadia Spectacular, Incandescence Circus Theatre Company, The Masked Ball, Motion Night Club, Red Bull and No Mans Land Festival.

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